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Common Winter Roofing Problems

Winter can very tough on your home – and especially on your roof. As your local roofing repair business, Champion Services can help. If you notice the signs of these common problems that call for winter roofing repairs, get in touch with us. Flashing leaks Moisture...

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The Pros & Cons of DIY Roofing Repair

It seems that we are living in the age of do-it-yourself work. Entire television networks are devoted to showing people how they can handle just about any job around the house. But is this the best decision for you and your home? In many cases, the answer is no. This...

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Do You Need Roof Repair After a Storm? 4 Ways to Tell

Your roof gives you protection from weather, especially the stormy kind. But sometimes a roof get damaged, even during what you thought was a minor storm. Sometimes it may be days or weeks before you discover storm damage to your roof. It can be especially difficult...

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4 Reasons to Tackle Roofing Repairs in the Fall

The beginning of fall brings with it fresh opportunities for homeowners to make some much-needed updates to their property. Some choose to spruce up the insides of their homes while others focus on the exterior. Here at Champion Services, we believe there's one thing...

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3 Ways to Make Your Vinyl Siding Last Longer

Many homeowners already understand the benefits of vinyl siding. But even though it's affordable and easy to maintain, you still want to get the most life out of your investment. At Champion Services, we want you to be satisfied with your siding purchase for years to...

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5 Benefits of Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices for home exteriors. While brick, wood, and fiber cement all have selling points, vinyl remains tops for many reasons. If you're building a home or thinking of giving your current home a facelift, Champion Services has...

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5 Advantages of Composite Decking

A deck is the perfect space for outdoor entertaining and social gatherings. As with any other area of your home, you'll want it to look absolutely stunning for many years to come. While natural wood is the traditional choice for decks, scientific advances have brought...

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4 Warning Signs of a Roof Leak

Left untouched, a leaky roof can cause serious damage to your home over time. It’s essential that you know how to recognizes a roof leak so you can avoid having to pay for a roofing repair. Champion Services is the team to call for roofing in Rock Hill, SC and we want...

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5 Top Home Improvements for Spring

Spring arrives this week! That means it’s time to start preforming some much-needed maintenance on your home. These types of repairs and inspections are essential for keeping your home in proper order. In addition to providing roofing in Rock Hill, SC, Champion...

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