Winter can very tough on your home – and especially on your roof. As your local roofing repair business, Champion Services can help. If you notice the signs of these common problems that call for winter roofing repairs, get in touch with us.

Flashing leaks

Moisture and condensation can cause real problems this time of year, especially when there are extended periods of rainy weather. If you have poor attic ventilation, the condensation can build up. At the same time, if your flashing is damaged or leaking, you could find water in your attic, which leads to leaks in your home.

Strong winds

Winter winds can howl and blow, rustling your roof’s shingles. When a fierce storm rolls through with strong winds, be sure to check up on your roof after things have calmed down. Winds may also bring down tree limbs, especially if they’ve been weakened by drought. Ice and snow can cause limbs to weaken and fall as well. If limbs fall on your roof it may cause damage ranging from minor to major.

Sitting snow

Large snowstorms around here are rare, but when they happen, you have to watch out for your roof. When snow sits on top of your roof, it may start to thaw from the top. But if the temperature remains cold, it can refreeze. This process of back-and-forth warming and melting can lead to water that sits on your roof for days at a time. This can lead to excess moisture and leaks.


Icicles are pretty from a distance. But up close they’re a problem for both your roof and your safety. They may an indicator for a clogged gutter system, which should never be ignored. Icicles can also be a hazard to anyone standing below them. Use caution if you see icicles dangling from your roof or gutters.

If you suspect any roof troubles this winter, don’t hesitate to give Champion Services a call for roofing repair. We’ll take care of the problem so you can enjoy the rest of the season in comfort.