Spring is finally here, and along with the warmer weather comes a long list of outdoor maintenance tasks. However, your home’s gutters are easily forgotten since they’re mostly hidden. Whether it’s clogs or bad connections, these problems are almost impossible to spot from afar. A closer look from a gutter installation and repair professional is required. Here are four signs you may need new gutters in Rock Hill, SC.

  1. Cracks and splits: As you work around the perimeter of your home, carefully observe the gutters to look for any splits and cracks. Though minor cracks might not cause you a lot of concern, they’ll only grow over time. If the cracks are large, it’s better to choose a full gutter installation rather than gutter repairs.
  2. Worn exterior: Old gutters won’t look great. But this is far from just a cosmetic problem. It can also be a sign that there are problems with the system. When the paint on galvanized steel gutters starts peeling off, it means that the damage has gone too far. You may need new gutters.
  3. Excess corrosion: Not every type of gutter will develop corrosion. However, many gutters that have a coating of galvanized steel will start corroding after that protective coating comes off. Once the corrosion is visible on your residential gutters, you should be prepared to replace the entire system.
  4. Sagging gutters: If your gutters are sagging and pulling away from your home, it may be time to replace them. They can sag because they’re too heavy, especially during a rainstorm. In many cases, gutters get clogged and water can drip into the fascia board and adjacent rafters. The supports start to rot. Once this begins, you’ll notice the sagging. If the problem isn’t fixed immediately, you may wind up needing roofing repair or replacement in addition to work on your gutters.

As you can see, problems with your gutters can lead to big headaches with your home. For quality residential gutter installation and gutter repair in Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas, call Champion Services for a free estimate.