If you discovered after reading our last post that it’s time to replace your roof, take note – there are things you can do to make the process as stress-free as possible. Here at Champion Services, we specialize in roof replacement and roof repair in Rock Hill, SC. As a respected roofing contractor, we have the knowledge and experience to offer you reliable, dependable advice on every job. Here’s what you need to know about the roof replacement process:

  • Research local services – Take a look Rock Hill, SC roofing services like us. Try to locate a full-service roofer who won’t just replace your roof but will also be able to handle any future repairs that could result from bad weather or other damage.
  • Experience, credentials, and paperwork – Make sure you work with an experienced roofing contractor who has proper and updated credentials. Make sure you work with a company that has all their paperwork together and applies for proper building permits.
  • Get rid of all old or worn out shingles – Make sure the roofing company gets rid of all of your old shingles and replaces them with completely new ones. Old, worn out shingles are easy targets for mold growth and roof leaks. Dump what’s been on your roof for years in favor of new, stronger shingles.
  • Don’t be afraid to get the best of the best – Choose high-grade shingles for your new roof. This will help you save more money in the long run since it will reduce the chances of repairs.

Call Champion Services today if you need quality, honest roof replacement services for your home. You can rely on us to do the job right and with complete professionalism. We would be happy to give you a free, accurate roofing estimate for roof repair in Rock Hill, SC or for a full roofing replacement.