They say that when one door closes, a window opens – unless it’s a window that refuses to budge. If this sounds like the windows in your home in the Rock Hill or Fort Mill area, it might be time to get an upgrade. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for warmer weather to take care of this home improvement project. Fall is the perfect time to get replacement windows from Champion Services. Here are three reasons why:

  1. “Goldilocks” temperatures – Fall is what Goldilocks would say is her preferred temperature: not too hot, not too cold. In fact, because fall temperatures are just right  it’s a great time to tackle your residential window replacement. You can have the windows removed and replaced in your home without it allowing in very hot or very cold air.
  2. Windows that won’t open – As the weather changes, there’s nothing better than opening up the windows and letting the fresh air in. However, if you’re stuck with windows that won’t open, you’ll be forced to crank up your air conditioning. This can cost you a lot of money during a time when you could be cooling your home naturally.
  3. Windows that won’t close – Once it starts turning colder outside, winter air will be able to enter and exit your home if your windows don’t seal properly. Your heating system will struggle to keep up. Calling a replacement window service in the Fort Mill, SC area for window installation will keep the air exactly where you want it – along with your power bill.

Would you like to get your windows replaced this fall? Talk to us today about our quality vinyl replacement windows. Our residential general contractors will come by take a look at your property, and give you a free estimate on the best windows for your home.