There’s a process that goes into selecting any building materials for your home. This is definitely true when it comes to shingles. There are practically hundreds of choices on the market, which can leave homeowners feeling overwhelmed – but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you work with an expert roofing contractor in Rock Hill, SC like Champion Services, you’ll get some useful advice. Follow these tips and tricks to help you make your decision:

  1. Think about color – Look at the color of the exterior paint or vinyl siding on your home. The best shingle colors are the ones that complement your home’s color scheme.
  2. Discuss cost – Talk to your contractor about the cost of shingles right from the start. Explain to your roofing contractor what you like and don’t like. Discuss your preferred color as well as durability. Your contractor will consider your price range, factor in the size and design of your roof, and make some recommendations. Generally speaking, te higher the cost of the shingle, the better quality you’ll get.
  3. Discuss warranties – Before you decide on a particular style of shingle, make sure you discuss warranties with the Rock Hill, SC roofing company. Most of today’s shingles come with warranties that will stay in effect for many years. You should only choose shingles for your roof that are backed by a long-lasting guarantee.
  4. Make a decision – After careful consideration of all the facts, pick the shingle you want for your home. Remember to work your way through the checklist of color, cost, warranty, and type. This is a reliable method for picking out the best shingles for your roof.

Need quality shingles for your roof replacement in Rock Hill, SC? Call Champion Services today to find the perfect match for your home. As a trustworthy roofing contractor in Rock Hill, SC, we guarantee you’ll love your new shingles!