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Instacoat Roof Restoration Systems

Champion Services is an authorized dealer for the Instacoat Roof Restoration System. Adding Instacoat can help double the life of your flat roof.

Roof restoration with Instacoat is an economical way to preserve your roof without replacing it. The coating is an environmentally friendly, water-based material. However, it’s extremely strong, elastic, weatherproof, and waterproof.

Since the compound is easy to prepare and apply, it takes less labor and time to complete the job. You’ll get long-lasting results that won’t break the bank and won’t inconvenience you, your staff, and your customers.

Advanced Roofing Product

Instacoat is one of the most advanced, innovative products on the roofing market. No heat is required and a monolithic seamless membrane is created upon application. Its instant set properties mean that your commercial roofing job won’t have to be postponed due to bad weather. Once it’s applied, it has outstanding recovery and elongation properties. Thermal expansion and contraction due to the sun’s heat and the changing weather won’t damage or degrade your roof. It’s the ultimate in protection for your roof.

Maintenance-Free Roofing

The best part of all is that Instacoat systems are maintenance-free. The coating is self-healing and self-sealing. Cuts or punctures will fix themselves, saving you money and stopping major problems in their tracks. We can also customize your coating by adding a variety of top coats. These top coats add reflectivity and improved chemical resistance to your roof.

Call Champion Services to find out how Instacoat can help extend the life of your commercial roof. Our technicians are specially trained in this technology and can give you their professional opinion about the benefits for your commercial or industrial building. We’ll come to your site and give you a free estimate, plus the peace of mind that you’re getting the best customer service and quality of work available.